That Li’l piece of knowledge!

There was a point in her life when writing  something, anything was a need. She lived and thrived on the high that she could spontaneously sprout out a list of words quite eloquently. It was the passion that oozed from the words that she wrote on the pages. But somewhere between the need to write... Continue Reading →


Bottle.. #Inktober

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Weak #Inktober #Postaday

Besides the fireplace, the two princesses had set up a game of chess. The fire cackled as the armies of the princesses battled against each other on the square board. The younger princess, Sophie had been a trifle cautious about her moves. But, on the other hand, the elder princess,Judy had her strategy right in... Continue Reading →

Cruel #Inktober #Postaday

It was young Ian's first time to the Great Hall of Warriors. He had heard many stories of the legendary nine warriors who had first held the Great feast after the Battle of Konrag. The tradition had been religiously followed after every war, since then. Ian's father had served the clan for his whole life... Continue Reading →

Precious ..#Postaday#Inktober

The old lady had often enjoyed her evenings beside the window wathing the sun dip into the horizon. The big window in the living room provided a sufficient amount of light for her to work on her embroidery till late hours of the evening. She had once been the workinglady of the house and was... Continue Reading →

Star… #Inktober #Postaday

She had just finished reading her book when the evening had finally transformed into the elegant and vivifying form of the night. Her window had let the cool breeze in as she stood up from her seat and went nearer to capture every small detail that the beauty exuded. She often wondered and questioned herself,... Continue Reading →

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